Sunday, 19 October 2014

Cautionary Note


Mediocre has its place.
Choose your skills with care.
The privilege of doing more,
Comes with doing it with flare.

It seems as though one scarcely hears
One's excellence applauded,
Without a chance to demonstrate
Tasks freshly praised and lauded.

Dabblers know instinctively
That talent cuts both ways.
The better you dispatch a job -
The busier your days.

photo:  Lemons, Anyone? - W. Bourke
© 2012 Wendy Bourke


  1. So true. If you do a job well, more is heaped on your shoulders.

  2. Ha! This reminded me of something I'd heard somewhere in regard to work/job situations: "Don't tell them you can type." The point, of course, is that if you can do something well, you'll get stuck doing it and it may not be what you want to be doing! Sometimes it can be good camouflage to be mediocre when you need to be. True stuff, this poem. Well said!

  3. ha. yes, given talent you are expected to use it...
    they will def find something for you...but if you really
    love it, you relish it...

  4. Oh indeed.. sometimes there's a comfort in being mediocre.. Hopefully your talents match what you love to do, and you have an ability to say no :-)

  5. Charming - and I like your lemons photo too!