Monday, 25 May 2015

gloriosus et liber

memories of past troubles
have diminished with age …
viewed from a great distance,
most things seem amorphous and benign

the abiding sea tides flow, transcendent,
to blue sky and then to stars;
the ghostly moon adorns,
and even the darkest specter,
eventually, nods off – if allowed to rest

and so, I look to the sea for
the peace conferred in cessation,
and remind myself:  a water drop
can hollow out a stone 

note:  gloriosus et liber; latin for – glorious and free

photo:  Ferry Crossing the Georgia Strait – P. Bourke 

© 2015 Wendy Bourke


  1. Nature is always peaceful and the song of the sea is enchanting giving us happiness and wisdom.

  2. Love that second stanza ... it's almost like a meditation mantra progressing to the ultimate of relaxation ... great poem Wendy!

  3. Time and distance def wears the edges of all our troubles. Have you ever noticed how most of our memories are the good ones. and the rough times def dont seem so bad.

  4. Yes, as time goes on the troubles of the past can dull....and they are replaced by the pleasant. There is bliss in the passing of time, I think....the moving forward, the diminishing of what once was.

  5. Wendy,

    Indeed, as time moves onwards, as per the tides, it is possible to let go, or at least see troubles diluted. I get great peace from observing the sea. Somehow, I return as though having left many woes behind me..Love the consideration of this poem Wendy..

  6. Oh I love the thought of what time can do.. this reminds me of the smooth rocks we have in Sweden that has been polished by the weight of glaciers.. In summer they are perfect and warm, and so different from the sharpness they once had.

  7. memories of past trouble appear like a shadow from a distant time....time truly heals and helps to move on....