Sunday, 27 September 2015

magic mall lady

almost immediately, I concluded 
she was a storybook character 
who had wandered from
the pages of a wonderful fat tome – 
(or perhaps, she was cast out 
by a dastardly sorcerer)

for though, at first glance, 
she looked as humdrum 
as the rest of the tuesday 
afternoon aging mallsters, 
she wore highly mysterious
– likely magical – little red boots that 
(when she clicked them together)
would dance all through the town

(or so those boots implied)

but, for now, she sat down 
quietly – shyly, even – 
on the mall bench beside me

naturally, I couldn't take my eyes  
off of those little red boots
as my mind began 
flipping and thumbing 
madly through rhymes: 
searching for boots – little red boots – 
(in those far away lines)

and a broom a twig broom 
strong enough to hop on 
and fly . . . . . .
loop-the looping
through the sky

backwards through the sky 
and then . . . . . . 
and then . . . . . .

when, after a while, 
she stood up to leave – 
she flashed a smile 
like a bolt of pink petunias . . . . . .

and was gone. 

note:  posted for Poets United.

photo:  Pink Petunias - W. Bourke 

© 2015 Wendy Bourke


  1. Oh I was hoping you'd strike up a conversation, so we could know more about her - next time! I loved this, Wendy. I could see the boots.....and remember the story of the boots that would not stop dancing. Vaguely.

  2. This poem makes me think about all of the interesting people one comes across in one's life. So many characters. So many stories. Most of which we never are able to know. Perhaps the boots had a story. Perhaps she had a story independent of the boots. Who knows! But...I think your poem makes me realize what all we do not know about the people we encounter daily!

  3. Love the boots and the bolt of petunias smile...!

  4. I was so hoping you would ask her about the red boots. Life is full of interesting people and I confess I like to people watch and imagine what their story might be.

  5. Wendy, the red booted lady cast a spell on me. Loved this!

  6. Red boots are a sure sign, I really hope she had a broom in the parking lot. I really do since she could give us this wonderful story..

  7. Oh those red boots and how whimsical the poem...I really loved this as though you plucked your stream of consciousness out and put it to paper. The ending was just perfection!

  8. Interesting story unfolding here................the mystery woman!!

  9. I think we should celebrate those magical fairy tale visitors..maybe even embrace them..i believe..i do i do...a wonderful poem..magic is definitely in the everyday

  10. this little fairy tale poem...she's quite a character so lovingly sketched by you ....

  11. Such a powerful visual here:
    "she flashed a smile
    like a bolt of pink petunias . . . . . ."

    I wanted to meet her...but like that the story is left unfinished.

  12. very imaginative... love the way the story flows.

  13. like a bolt of pink petunias

    Such a powerful image!! Beautifully penned :D

    Lots of love,

  14. Oh, what a deliciously magical encounter! :-)

  15. Oh, I love those little red boots and the wonderful way you immediately captivate us: "I concluded she was a storybook character…"

    Late again to commenting, I'm afraid. I'm away from home these days almost as often as I'm at home.

  16. I like the way you weave a story.

    Thanks for visiting.

  17. Those red boots are a give-away to a colorful character, smiles ~ Enjoyed this one Wendy ~

  18. Yup--red boots are the stuff that characters need--they are so memorable--I loved how easily you wove form here ---

  19. Yup--red boots are the stuff that characters need--they are so memorable--I loved how easily you wove form here ---