Friday, 23 August 2013

in notes

the sun had fallen 
from the window, 
in shards of glass, 
and I felt the heaviness 
of the long hot day slip 
from my shoulders 
like a flannel dressing gown

and the evening brightened,
now, not by blasts of sun pounding down -  
but sprinkled in airy flits of light amongst 
the lengthening shadows

in tinkles of soft music  
that played, unobtrusively,

and reminded me  
of my old backyard, 
for some reason,

on a summer’s night,  
after the children were put to bed, 
and I would sit with him

on the deck stairs,  
in notes of contentment.
Photos:  top:  Stain Glass Window of Sun on the Pacific Ocean, Marine Building, Vancouver - W. Bourke
bottom:  In Notes – W. Bourke 

© 2013 Wendy Bourke


  1. Again, beautiful notes. And I like the shifts that seem to be characteristic of your poems.

    My fav part:
    I felt the heaviness
    of the long hot day slip
    from my shoulders
    like a flannel dressing gown

    I'm a stained-glass fan. Is that yours?

  2. It has been a very hot summer in BC and I have often thought about time spent sitting on the deck of my home back in Ontario at day's end . . . which is hard to do in an apartment. I also like stained glass. My daughter has a turn-of-the-century house and she has two very large stain glass pieces that transport me for a minute or so - back to another (simpler I think) time.