Friday, 30 August 2013

small talk

I had landed there,
contrary to my hunch
that the affair
would be a bunch
of people I don’t know

gassing on and on about
not particularly much, at all,

in brilliant bursts
of repartee –

and so, it came
as no surprise to me,
when I found myself
adrift, in a sea

of cheese platters
and clatters of mystery appetizers

staring down in rapt intensity
at a mountain of melon balls . . .

the obligatory trays
of white wine filled glasses passed
amongst the captive guests

with military punctuality
until – at last –

I seized on inspiration,
to lend my voice to the escalating din
that bounced blustering around me,
off of the buzzing walls

by pointing out, astutely:

"Melon balls".

photo:  White Wine Night Out – W. Bourke 

© 2013 Wendy Bourke


  1. ha! I love your sense of humor! Mercifully, indeed!

  2. Mercifully, indeed. Thanks, Jennifer.

  3. I've landed there, too, with a certain amount of apprehension, at those same parties. But, ahh, at least you came up with something profound to say. Yes, wonderful sense of humor.

  4. Thanks, Janet. I do enjoy losing myself in the odd lighthearted verse - it's a great mood lifter.

  5. One does have to find humor in such events, for sure!! You managed to find the humor and write a good poem to boot!!