Sunday, 5 January 2014

at blue water’s edge

I hadn’t dressed,
warmly, for the walk 
along the blue water’s edge,

having mistaken   
the silver glints across my windows 
for gleams of sun – 

and so,   
cold ghostly clawing fingers
wind wrapped 
around my throat

and I braced
for the icy shivers,
of each eerie mean sea gust:

until, my mind rested
on the greatness of the brumal depth

and I slipped beyond myself    
moved:  by the profundity of that moment.
note:  published:  Verse Afire (Ontario Poetry Society) May-Aug. 2014 Edition. 

photo:  Blue Water's Edge (the marina at the entrance to Stanley Park off Georgia) - W. Bourke

© 2014 Wendy Bourke 


  1. Ah, a lot of self-reflection and vivid imagery here. I love "I slipped beyond myself."

    As usual, lovely photo too.

    Even way down in SE Texas, we've been experiencing some "cold boney phantom fingers."

  2. Ah yes, the weather these days!!! I had hoped to venture forth in search of new photos, but the view outside my windows is just plain nasty, at the moment.

  3. brumal was a new word on
    quite a vicious bit of weather to take as to choke you....
    we are supposed to have 5-8 inches here over the next
    couple days.

    1. 5 - 8 inches: brutal AND brumal. Smiles.