Tuesday, 21 January 2014



I pushed on the button to go up.
And the lift doors proceeded to close.
I pushed on a button to hold for a man -
And the doors almost took off his nose.

The look on his face told the story:
He thought me exceedingly rude.

Slamming the doors in his face, just like that:
I've got myself some attitude.

And I thought:  Clearly, I'm icon challenged.
And all-thumbs with all-arrows, god knows.
But I do try to hit the "hold" arrow, I swear . . .
Before pushing the arrow to "close".

So . . . let me just say:  mea culpa,
And offer to share half the blame.
For I meant no offense, sir.
And in my defense, sir:

←  ↓ → ↕ ↵ ↑←  ↓ → ↕ ↵ ↑↓ →

Those icons are really a pain.

Sometimes I go up, when I want to go down.
Sometimes, I resort to the stairs.
The floors I have been to!  The people I’ve seen!

It’s a pitiful state of affairs. 

note:  A parody of:  Oh, the Places You’ll Go!  by Dr. Seuss.

photo:  Elevator Iconlexia (pictured is the elevator in the Vancouver Marine Building) - W. Bourke

© 2011 Wendy Bourke


  1. haha...i love that seussical....i used to read it at the end of my training sessions...fun play on it...oh you'd be surprised what you see on the way....

  2. Thanks, Brian. I had a lot of fun with this one.