Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Introspection: A Case Study

His light sputtered out long before he did.

Another restless soul adrift in the clouds
in the madding din, a thousand miles away from
the silence of the heart – and the truths that lie within.

Did he not know . . . or did he never dare –
to look and listen thoughtfully, and question deeply and with care.

For somewhere in the pursuit of happiness and the single-minded
quest of “getting” – he bet his life, he’d win the toss.

It never dawned on the guy . . . that he’d actually lost.

For he’d done a fine job of self-deception,
in the world he created without introspection.

And though, others had a lightness of spirit, he felt that he might lack –
there wasn’t any point, he thought,  in thinking about all that.

note:  The prompt this week at Poetry Jam is “Your One Word for 2015”.  My one word is:  Introspection.  I have seen people with terrific problems turn themselves around and go on to live lives that enrich others.  I have seen people age with grace and dignity, while others become embittered and miserable.  I believe that introspection is the key to becoming and/or remaining the kind of person you want to be.  Introspective people see their lives with clarity and honesty.  They set realistic goals and strive to do their best.  People lacking in introspection live in the moment.  They see themselves as central to their every interaction and do not hold themselves to a higher standard.  They simply do not take ownership and responsibility for what is going on around them and their role in it.  They just react.  Introspection can heal.  And Introspective people make the world a better place.

photos:  High Above the Clouds We Fly – P. Bourke

© 2015 Wendy Bourke  


  1. I like this idea that introspection can and does make a difference. It is all a matter of focus isn't it? Focusing on how others see us really is all about out there and in doing so one may miss the truth inside. Happy New Year.

  2. So true, Wendy. Introspection is an important quality, and sometimes a person wonders how others manage to make it without an introspective mind. It is so necessary to look inside.

  3. I agree with everything you write about the necessity for introspection. How can we change and improve if we never look back on past actions.

  4. So many pass their lives in bitterness...and only if you realize what you have lost can you go forth and win yourself.. introspection for sure.

  5. Thanks fro this lovely poem and it really made me think as where I am heading and what i really need to do.Happy 2015

  6. For he’d done a fine job of self-deception,
    in the world he created without introspection

    Strangely enough many tend to cast aside reservations and just wade through. They then triumphantly declare victory not giving a fair assessment. And strangely enough they can live with it. Great thoughts Wendy!


  7. how many live in such self deception you know.....
    its quite sad....i hope i am never there, though if i am
    that people will tell me...smiles.

  8. Yes , self deception is a bitter thing, I can tell from experience

  9. looking inwards, honestly, yes we all need to do that

    best wishes

    much love...

  10. Yes, it is all about ownership and responsibility. Looking honestly at ourselves can be hard to do, but definitely necessary to take responsibility in our world.

  11. So mindful practice - to be introspective! Thanks for the thought and poem! Much Love in New Year! x

  12. This is a very thought provoking piece, a little bit frightening but there is hope.

  13. Introspection is not for me. I'm having far too much fun and I'm scared of what I might see! Best of luck!

  14. That self deception will backfire someday ~ Introspection is a good choice of word ~ Have a lovely week/end ~

  15. "a thousand miles away from the silence of the heart and the truth that lies within." How I love these lines, which resonate deeply. The deepest journey we take in life is the interior one. Loved this poem.

  16. Ahhhh. oh dear! Poor guy's moving too fast through life ... slow down and look inward ... I sometimes think maturity brings the need to become more introspective and when we do start to reflect more, we notice the lack of it in others ... just a thought.

  17. Wendy, great introspection and excellent rhyming, too. How that 2015 is a wonderful year for you! :-)

  18. This is the exact reason someone should listen because they never know what they are missing. Technology can do this to people who drive for instance. I see young teens texting and driving all the time, and a good percentage of them get into accidents because of it. It is something really simple to fix. I can't wrap my mind around why they can't simply put the phone down till they get home or stop at a store or something.

  19. Thanks for blessing us with your introspective poetry and photography!

  20. Wendy,

    You selected an excellent word. Much to contemplate, consider and to change, or adopt. Of course, listening fully is key!!

    Happy New Year,