Monday, 26 January 2015

Metaphorically Speaking

I was all ears, that morning when,
Beneath the smirking sky,
He let the cat out of the bag –
(Good Grief!)  Heaven knows why.

Prudently, I bit my tongue.
He had an axe to grind.
He beat around the bush and then . . .
Commenced to blow my mind.

It seemed to me he’d come unglued,
(And gone completely mad.)
Though, he liked to put me on
And was a joker, I might add.

He wore rose colored glasses.
And, would bark up the wrong tree.
And when he talked finances:
He was talking Greek to me.

So, I went back to the drawing board,
And weighed each thing he’d said.
I counted, and I knocked on wood:
Then hit the nail, right on the head.

For suddenly, I smelled a rat
(Though, he thought he had me pegged) 
. . . I'm not buying:  his new truck
(He claims) cost him . . . an arm and leg.

note:  a very hectic week and, thus, a very late (and unlinked) response to Poetry Jam’s Prompt of “Writing” (which got me pondering metaphors, imagery and idioms ).

photo:  Through Rose Colored Glasses  (photo is of the Irving House in New Westminster:  the oldest remaining home on the Lower Mainland of British Columbia) – W. Bourke

© 2015 Wendy Bourke  


  1. Ha, I enjoyed your humorous take on the subject of writing. All of the idioms you included really fit the situation 'to a T.' Smiles. And I wonder if you will enjoy that brand new truck!

    (I linked you into Poetry Jam - couldn't resist.)

  2. Your poem would be perfect in a language class. I hope they would not only identify all the idioms but also smile and appreciate your sense of humor.

  3. ha. fun piece...i think i would keep an arm and a leg over a truck...
    oy, finance jargon can be such a headache as well...esp when talking to salesmen...
    thanks for the chuckle...

  4. Ha.. I could not count all those idioms you had included, but the ominous tone that something worse was due, maybe that truck was acceptable.. (though I doubt I would pay an limbs for a vehicle)..

  5. Beautiful and funny :)
    Enjoyed reading it!

  6. Chuckles! Yes, all kinds make the array of characters looking for an opportunity. One must be alert obviously Wonderful lines Wendy!


  7. I enjoyed the rhyming for sure, and the story was just as lovely of course. I laughed there at the end, because it was really unexpected. It seemed like a thriller towards the beginning and turned out to be an amusement. I

  8. You were able to pack quite a number of idioms into this! Gotta watch out for those types!

  9. Enjoyed all the idioms as well as the tale of the new truck. LOL At least the truck is not as expensive as a sports car.

  10. Whew. Thank God! That pic of the lone house almost reminded this sinfull mortal of the 'Shining' or the 'Omen'. God blessa youse -Fr. Sarducci, ol SNL. Cya soon in the Great Beyond, girl...