Wednesday, 7 May 2014

away from the garish disconnect

the manic day,
began to slow
and, at last,

to a gentle lullaby rock 
like a carousel . . .
winding down.

and I felt the way
I used to feel
when, as a child,
I was led away

from the carnival grounds
to be tucked into bed
with Mother’s kiss:

snug and safe,
from the garish disconnect
and the discomforting
orphan void. 

For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love. –
Carl Sagan

note:  the prompt from Poetry Jam this week is Festivals (fairs, carnivals or fests) and/or (this Sunday being Mother’s Day) Mothers.

photo:  Montmartre Carousel - W. Bourke 

© 2014 Wendy Bourke


  1. Wendy, I understand well the feeling of the carousel winding down. Sort of like, to me, a music box winding down as well. Slower, ever slower. It is nice to have frenetic activity in one's life for a while....but then again it feels even better when one is away from it all, snug and safe in a comfortable place.

  2. Great analogy in your poem, Wendy, from frantic activity and excitement to the comfort and coziness of one's home. I also like the wistful tone of your poem, Wendy.

  3. Thanks, Mary and Gabriella. Even, as a child, I have always had a sense of uncomfortable detachment at carnivals. Now, country fairs - on the other hand - WONDERFUL!

  4. the orphan void...having worked with foster kids and such that brings a very real feel to me...interesting on your feel of detachment from the carnivals....they always feel like another world to me....

  5. manic day... sounds like my days lately with all the end-of-year stuff!

  6. Mood here well conveyed here. I felt there with that child.

  7. carnival is good but mother's love is the spirit of the well penned Wendy :)

  8. I really feel that touch of love and security with a mothers love.. Lovely words and such comfort.

  9. I'm not much of a carnival fan either...crowds, noise, expensive games and rides, etc...I do like the colors and lights from a distance though, ha. I like the comfort, security and peace of a mother's kiss. Great contrast you brought for us in your poem!

  10. Carousels were magical for me, and I became sad when the music stopped.

    Anyway, a thoughtful, enjoyable read. I'm picturing little Wendy snug and safe in her bed.

  11. Ah-h-h-h. Very sweet of you, Janet. (Though I don't know if I ever qualified as "little" Wendy, though - sixty some years in - gawd knows . . . I tried. Super smiles.

  12. Interesting how many of us have the same impression of carnivals... Tawdry, sinister, unsafe, insecure. You capture this unquiet mood well, Wendy, and the last stanza resolves the poem nicely.