Thursday, 8 May 2014

in the still

the day began:
under yellow sun drops 
that drove 
the black night’s imaginings away . . .

enfolded, fairly good-naturedly:
in azure blue and green,  
and earth brown,  
and splashes of water and hope . . .

and then:
my footsteps fell 
on snaps of twigs
lovely – in the ruddy still . . . 

the sound:
the crack, crack, crackle,
crisp, canyon echo in the air  
I was there, I was there . . .

that I passed that way:
a small thing, I suppose,
and yet in that pure white  
so powerful . . .

I grinned – like a kid.

photo:  in the still – W. Bourke 

© 2014 Wendy Bourke


  1. one more more more chance to touch a life...its all the more reason to smile...

    1. Sometimes in my writing (and I suppose everyone feels this way, from time to time) I finish a piece and wonder . . . And then I go to my blog – a bit later – and there is a great comment (such as this one, of yours) and I’m so pleased: “one more more more chance” – indeed . . . YES!!! Thank you, so much, Brian.

  2. Ha! This made me smile too. The serenity, the hopefulness, the whole scene--so simple, so good--just makes me feel light too.

    1. I've always found, there is something exhilarating (empowering, even) about the sound of one's footsteps - alone in the quiet of nature - a kind of reaffirmation that you are alive (in that moment) that is something, akin to spiritual, I think, and it does lighten one's heart.

  3. I love how you bask in the glory of Nature and express your joy that touches us deeply...and I totally agree with what Brian says...

  4. Yes, in Nature, I have found profound peace . . . something that, as a young person (in all honesty) I never would have imagined.

  5. I love how just the sound of stepping on twigs snapped you into the reality of your being, that you were there.

  6. Such a beautiful and serene piece to start a wonderful day:)

    1. Thank you, Vandana. And welcome to my blog!

  7. The still of the forest broken by the snap of a twig. There is a feeling of intrusion when it happens. One tends to be suddenly aware as it might awaken predators. Nicely Wendy!


    1. Yes, I think you're right - heightened senses. That is certainly there.

  8. A forest walk.. some days that is all you need to smile.. the smells the twigs breaking... it's what spring should be..

  9. It really is wonderful when one can recapture those childlike feelings & 'grin like a kid' again! Feeling as if one is experiencing something special, perhaps for the first time. I treasure those moments when they happen....and wish for more!