Sunday, 4 May 2014

in the lovely alone

I wandered in tangles of 
blue and green – 
drizzle soft solitude,

with chattering thoughts –  
that quieted, at length,

in beauty and gusts
of quenching, 
spirit vapor breezes

and came, once more,  
upon the little bridge 
– in the lovely alone –

that, serenely, waits for water . . .  
though it seldom comes.

photo:  Little Bridge in the Lovely Alone – W. Bourke

© 2014 Wendy Bourke


  1. A spring rain, a walk .. and the solace of the little bridge, though riverbed is dry, a world of beauty.. Lovely thoughts, a lovely place it seems (though it seems a bit more rain would be great)

    1. A bit more is (usually) pretty great (at least, when one communes with nature - or nature communes with you). Still, nature taking its time and course - pretty great, too. Smiles.

  2. ...sigh...lovely. You have created the space so well in your words that the photo is not even needed. I do kind of hope for some trickling water underneath that bridge!

  3. Beautiful. What a beautiful little bridge, and I enjoyed thinking about the 'lovely alone.' I think we all can find these places in our worlds......and hopefully rain will come and add sustenance!

  4. Even in this loneliness, we have nature as our amazing companion:)