Sunday, 18 May 2014

rose wind

in the playground of the gods,
in the days of avocado sandwiches
and kalamata olives

the scent of roses
fluttered like a magic spell

as we strolled
round and round the garden paths
in floral breezes and bird chirps

and airy whispers

and slowly, wound our way
to the edge of the wild precipice
that looked down upon

the roving sea

where time rested,
suspended, soft and serene,
transcendent –
on wafts of gentle rose wind

more lovely,
than anyone could ever dream:
clasped, together,
in such a supernatural place,

nibbling avocado sandwiches
and kalamata olives, happy . . .
as happy, as we could ever hope to be

by the ocean, encircled in blossoms 
and green, under the azure sky, 
in the playground of the gods . . .

adrift in rose wind.

note:  a picnic area in Burnaby Mountain Park that features Totem Poles and a beyond beautiful rose garden and looks out over the Burrard Inlet on the Pacific Ocean is known as the "Playground of the Gods". 

photo:  Rose Wind - W. Bourke 

© 2014 Wendy Bourke


  1. playground of the gods

    Gosh, such a beautiful setting for a retreat. Wonderful write Wendy! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Oh my ... what a beautiful sensory experience you've given us! The part about walking to the precipice and looking down reminds me of a place we visited along the Olympic Peninsula near Kalaloch Lodge. The waves were huge, the logs tossed like toothpicks on the shore, and we felt very small ...

  3. smiles...sounds a bit like a personal heaven...
    i like how you drew this it a mythical feel up front
    and then making it personal...

  4. i love this unfolding of beauty both in the outer world and in the inner...

  5. Food, beaches and summer... and togetherness.. could not be better.. lovely

  6. Avocado sandwiches, kalamata olives, the scent of roses...this sounds so delightfully perfect. You bring the beauty to us in this poem.